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Create viral tiktoks and shortsfrom text to video with AI

Automate your video creation and save hundreds of hoursProvide the idea or web urland the AI will generate everything according to itAI-powered effects, captions, and transitions - fully customizable


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Shushant Lakhyani
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Automate your shorts creation using only AI

Save hundreds of hours and create viral videos with just a click


AI Script generation

Videotok has analyzed thousands of videos and knows how to create the best viral scripts with AI

AI Voice generation

Select your style of voice and let the AI create it for you

AI Images, Videos & Gifs

Videotok also generates the images of your video with AI, creating high quality and useful images that fit in the story

Auto captions & templates

Videotok adds fancy and auto generated captions thanks to our AI

Auto zooms & transitions

Do you like the videos that have auto zooms added into them? Don't worry, Videotok will add them too

Background music & sound effects

Get effects and audio sounds added automatically, without needing to waste hours to generate them

Creating videos has never been easier

Take a look and compare how much work can you save with AI

Videotok 🤩Manual Creation 😭
Editing knowledgeNone 😍Required 🤬
Script creation5 seconds30 minutes
Image creations10 seconds30 minutes
Voiceover10 seconds10 minutes
Image/Videos search5 seconds15 minutes
Music and sound effects5 seconds15 minutes
Editing5 seconds3 hours
Total timeless than 5min 🥳More than 4 hours 😩