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Videotokaffiliate program

Become a Videotok affiliate today & earn up to $89.95 on each sale!

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Why become a videotok affiliate?

We are confident that Videotok revolutionizes video creation by significantly reducing the time required to produce captivating TikToks and Reels from lengthy hours to a mere couple of minutes.

As it currently stands, the majority of our website traffic for Videotok is driven by Twitter and Facebook.

We are certain that a significant number of potential users, who would genuinely appreciate our service, are yet unaware of Videotok's existence.

By joining our Affiliate Links program, you can earn a commission of 15% for every sale made via your unique link.

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Benefits of becoming an affiliate

✅ 15% Commission in each sale
✅ 15% Commission in each recurring subscription
✅ Be updated and have access to the latest features before

Create and share content

✅ Create content wherever you want, Tiktok, Instagram, X, Blog...
✅ Share your content with your affiliate link
✅ Tag us with the hashtag #videotok
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Get paid

✅ Get paid at the beginning of the next month
✅ Payments done by Paypal
✅ No limit on how much you can get


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a max payout cap?

No, there is not limit to your payout potential.

Which currency do you pay in?

We will pay you in USD $.

How will I get paid?

We will pay you through Paypal, once you have reached a minimum of $50 monthly.

When do I get paid?

Payments will be made the first week of the month after the minimum of $50 is reached.