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Image Caption Generatorfor Social Media with AI

Our Caption Generator uses AI to craft unique and engaging captions for your images. Upload an image and instantly get a caption that improves your posts.

You have 3 generations left today.

Why use our AI Image Caption Generator for social media?


Upload Your Image, Get Your Caption

Our AI-powered Image Caption Generator instantly creates unique, engaging captions for your social media images. No more staring at a blank screen.


AI Captions to Boost Engagement

Our advanced AI analyzes your image and generates captions designed to stop the scroll and improve your post performance. Get more likes, comments, and shares.

Save Time, Post More

Skip the time-consuming process of writing captions yourself. Our free tool generates captions in seconds, so you can post more often and grow your audience faster.

Create faceless videos with AI

Create videos with images, transcripts, transitions and sounds in a few minutes

You will no longer waste time with hours of script creation and video editing

You just have to say what you want to talk about, Videotok will take care of the storytelling and editing

You enter the topic, Videotok creates the video

Type in the topic, choose the language, voice and music and you're done.

You can create any type of content: educational, entertaining, explanatory, thoughtful, etc. You just have to tell Videotok what you want.
Article to Video with AI
AI YouTube Channel Automation

Get videos with all it takes to go viral

Videotok knows what works online and replicates it in videos.

Automatic captions, incoming and outgoing effects, hooks that engage users' attention, captivating images, and much more. All this will be in your videos.